Your weekend at a glance!

Hello Sew OK’ers!

My favorite part of any kind of retreat is getting to know the people who are there.  Yes, that means I want to get to know YOU!  I believe the two best ways to make this happen is to experience something together, just like this retreat, and to sit together around a table breaking bread and sharing stories.

Below I’ve put together a tentative schedule for the weekend.  While specific times for the following activities will be announced closer to the event (and are subject to change), I want you to be able to envision what our weekend will look like!

Thursday: We will be opening the sewing room (late morning) for anyone that wants to get a jump start on their day!   You and your friends are welcome to come early, get settled in your space, and start working on projects!

There will be a kick-off for the retreat Thursday (early evening) and the sewing room will be open until midnight.  I’m hoping to grab dinner with some new and old friends tonight!

Friday:  Sharpen those rotary cutters and oil your machines, the sewing room is OPEN from early morning to midnight!  There will be one class today after lunchtime and we will have several small breaks for giveaways and swaps* throughout the day.   Why not invite a new friend to lunch or dinner today?

Saturday:  Get ready for another FULL day of sewing!  Just like Friday, the sewing room will be open from early morning to midnight with one class held after lunchtime.  We will be wrapping up that evening – so plan on having all your goodies packed away by midnight.  Make sure to eat a good lunch, our class today will be very hands on!

Sunday:  We don’t have any official Sew OK plans this morning.  We know you will be heading home and catching flights but we ( Jemellia and Susannah Kate ) will be brunching downstairs and available for final hugs and goodbyes!

*A note on swaps:  All swaps will be optional and you will not need to stop sewing while the swap peeps do their thing.  If you have an idea for a swap that you would like to lead, contact us!  We’d love to talk!

It is my sincere hope that you will come away from Sew OK with new friendships, connections and a strengthened community. I can’t wait to meet you and sew, sew, sew (and eat yummy food) !!!

 Susannah Kate



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