Let’s Pack! {{ bags }}

July is fast approaching and that means we will all be traveling to Sew OK soon! I’ve put together a few posts titled “Let’s Pack!” that will list cute pattern ideas for traveling handmade.  This one is all about bags!

241totePhotograph from Noodlehead

One of my all time favorite bags is the 241 Tote by Anna aka Noodlehead.  Its quick, easy and very adaptable.

I’ve also made Anna’s Super Tote which is amazing and HUGE and could, quite possibly, hold all the things.  It would be great for SewOK’s bus trip!

botanics super tote
Made by Jemellia


Needing something for clothing and shoes OR all of your projects? Try Bari J’s Holiday in London Duffel Bag.  Here’s one made by Jemellia!



Check out this FREE Cargo Duffel pattern available at Robert Kaufman – How cute is it?!

89ae0cbdd1675172c93c73686a9ac01dphotograph from Noodlehead

I’ve also made the Travel Duffel Bag from StudioCherie and let me tell you, it will hold it all.  It’s crazy big.  Instead of the burlap straps indicated in the pattern, I made some from fabric.  I’ve used it as my main travel bag for over a year because I can stuff if to the brim and zip it  closed (an important feature if you pack as haphazardly as I do).

il_570xN.141039813{photograph from StudioCherie Etsy Shop}

If you have a favorite bag pattern please share below  in comments!  I would love to check it out!

Can’t wait to meet you!




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