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owl and drum



Owl & Drum is a specialty fabric and sewing shop, located in Midtown Tulsa, concentrating on modern sewing and quilting. We are catering towards the new wave of quilters and sewists who are looking for a more current and trendy aesthetic. Our products range from fabric, sewing and quilting patterns, embroidery supplies and unique gifts. We also offer a wide array of sewing and quilting classes, plus summer camps, for all ages.

I interviewed Bianca of Owl and Drum to find out more about the shop behind the adorable logo!

What inspired you to start up Owl & Drum?

I have enjoyed sewing ever since I can remember, whether I was cross-stitching, revamping vintage finds or creating fashions that I saw in magazines. It was about 5 years ago that I was introduced into the world of modern quilting. I had my first hand at quilting when one of my best friends was expecting her first child. After that, I was hooked. But, what I was really hooked on was going to fabric stores. I was living in Portland, Oregon, at the time, so I had a nice assortment of shops to choose from such as Cool Cottons and Bolt.

A few years ago, I was itching to move back to Tulsa and felt there was a niche in the market for the kind of fabric store I had in mind. So, my husband and I moved back to Oklahoma and along with one of my longtime friends, Dani Weaver, we opened Owl & Drum at 15th and Delaware in August 2012.

 What is a new or upcoming fabric line that you are super-excited about?

Having just returned from Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh, I’m feeling energized and inspired by so many great fabric collections from lines such as Birch, Art Gallery Fabrics and Cloud 9 Fabrics. If I had to give you one though I would say I am most excited about the new line called Cotton + Steel. The designers behind C+S are Melody Miller, Rashida Coleman-Hale, Alexia Abed, Kim Kight and Sarah Watts. Their designs are fresh, on-trend and will work for all types of quilting and sewing projects. The current quilting and sewing world is seeing a re-birth and I think Cotton + Steel is going to help create a new breed of enthusiasts.

Fill us in on the classes you offer.

We have sewing and quilting classes for all ages. Most of our classes are for beginners, but we are now offering more advanced classes based upon the patterns that we carry. Some of the classes we have are Made by Rae’s Washi Dress, April Rhodes’ The Staple Dress and Noodlehead’s Super Tote.

Our most popular classes are for the kiddos. Mary Perisho, one of our instructors, has created some of the most adorable animal stuffies. Some examples are a fox, penguin and – of course – an owl. This summer we are introducing Sewing Summer Camps. In one of our camps, students will make a lap-size patchwork quilt. Another camp we are offering is our Harry Potter Sewing Camp. I’m really excited about this one. Students will pick their favorite Hogwarts house and make a fleece scarf. We will also be teaching the students how to make an owl – as well as a Harry, Hermione or Ron doll.

Students are really enjoying our quilting classes, which are taught by Ann Olson. With a focus on modern quilting, we are able to attract a new breed of quilters. We even had a class of fifth-graders take our Beginning Quilting class! Can you imagine what great quilters those girls will be when they are older?

What inspired the name Owl & Drum?

This is a very popular question! It’s pretty simple though. My husband and I’s last name is Howell. Owl rhymes with Howell. An owl is also kind of a family mascot for his family which we like. So, there was no question, we wanted to incorporate “Owl” in the name.
When deciding on a business name you need something new and original. You do not want it to be used anywhere else. We figured if we put two things together that made no sense at all the chances of it being original are pretty good.
When deciding on the other half of the name I started to think about something unique about my business partner, Dani Weaver. In the past she was a drummer, so there’s the “Drum”!
Owl & Drum together really only makes sense to us but when put as a logo it really works. The owl holding the drum sticks is a great visual. We love it!


Owl & Drum was one of the first sponsors of Sew OK and their enthusiasm and support has been amazing!  Please make sure to visit them online or stop by their brick and mortar shop in Tulsa.  Thanks Owl & Drum!

~ Susannah Kate



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