SEW OK 2015

I am very excited to share plans for SEW OK 2015!


If you didn’t see on the 2015 page, the dates for the next event are July 9-12, 2015.

Sew OK will be at the Skirvin Hilton again in downtown Oklahoma City.

Sew OK 2015 is sponsored by Bernina OKC, who will be providing machines for ALL attendees to use for the entire weekend!


You should know what it is that you are doing with those Bernina machines…

I am excited to tell you that Lizzy House will be teaching the Meadow Quilt!

Lizzy meadow quilt
Learn to make the never before released Meadow Quilt. It’s tricky, it’s curved, and there is a six-minute circle in it. No appliqué just truly extreme piecing! You’ll learn the skills to make and finish this beautiful quilt.

We will have the one class/instructor during the event, so, we get two days of Lizzy, a fun little bus trip, and plenty of open sewing/socializing!

Start planning now if you want to attend, there will be room for 25 people this year.

E-mail or comment below with any questions and I’ll do my best to answer quickly.

If you would like to sponsor Sew OK, please send me an e-mail at, thank you!


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