Good Eats in OKC

It’s almost go-time for this year’s event, we should talk about places to eat.

We will be in downtown OKC, my favorite area is midtown, it houses Stella, S & B Burgers, Hillbillies Po Boy & Oyster Bar, Bleu Garten (food truck court), Waffle Champion (let’s go on Sunday!), and more.

Vast is in the Devon Tower and I plan to go there for lunch on one of the days, we have 2 hours for lunch, so trek to midtown if you’d like.

23rd Street has a lot of great restaurants, but you’ll want transportation from the hotel, it’s not far, but, not walkable, you should get cupcakes from Cuppies and Joe or Green Goodies (definitely not walkable) and that’s it NOWHERE ELSE for cupcakes.

Here are a few links on places to visit while here!


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