Sew OK is a sewing weekend getaway extravaganza, in layman’s terms… Sew OK is a time to let your worries go for the weekend, focus on sewing, meet new friends or old ones, have some good meals, learn some new things, and get a little sleep. Sew OK wants to Oklahoma City to shine a bit each July, join us and share the delight!

2013: Sew OK was founded.

2014: Sew OK’s premier event hosted 40 attendees at the Skirvin Hilton with Dana Bolyard & Carolyn Friedlander as instructors.

2015: Lizzy House taught her Meadow Quilt

2016: Latifah Saafir will teach Molehills, a curvy quilt with some sass

7 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. This is my first time attending a Sew-Ok event. I a curious as of how things work. I am a beginner quilter and was wondering is there two different classes or one large class?

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