For 2017, Sherri Lynn Wood will teach at Sew OK!

SLW pic.jpg


July 2016, Latifah Saafir joins us in Oklahoma City!

Latifah Saafir - Photo


For 2015, Lizzy House will be teaching the Meadow Quilt!

Lizzy meadow quilt

Learn to make the never before released Meadow Quilt. It’s tricky, it’s curved, and there is a six-minute circle in it. No appliqué just truly extreme piecing! You’ll learn the skills to make and finish this beautiful quilt.

Lizzy will teach Friday and Saturday of the event.

Lizzy House designed The Meadow Quilt to go with her fabric collection Hello Pilgrim. She decided not to release it as a paper pattern, preferring instead to offer it as a workshop to students around the world.

The Meadow Block is a beautiful block made with intricate techniques. Students will learn how to do the tricky, curved piecing, including a six-minute circle!

In this six hour class, students will first learn how to make the Meadow block. Lizzy will talk about the quilt as a whole, and how to decide what goes where. Students will choose fabric for the background, petal fabric, flower centers, and color groups. Students will complete approximately four blocks in class.

A huge part of the fun is picking fabric! The materials list below is for one or two practice blocks. Come to class with fabric to work on the practice blocks, and feel free to explore with additional fat quarters and yardage as the day goes on.


Introducing Sew OK’s instructors for 2014!

First, we are excited to announce Dana Bolyard!

Dana Bolyard

Dana will be teaching quarter circles/curved piecing.
Here is a preview of a quilt she made using this technique and IT’S ON THE COVER OF HER UPCOMING BOOK!  Imagine Quilts will be available in July 2014!
dana's picture

About Dana:

I’m a wife, mother of two daughters, soap maker, photographer, thrifter, long-time blogger, and self-taught quilter.  When I’m not shuttling kids to and fro, tending my garden, or locking my family out of the car and making them dance to gain entry, I’m usually at my sewing machine . . . or scheming to find my way there as soon as possible.
I have distinct memories of my mother sitting at her sewing  machine when I was a child.  I can still hear the hum of her machine echoing in mine as I sew.  Couple that memory with the groovy patchwork and rickrack wallpaper I had in my childhood bedroom, and I know the very roots of my love for quilting.
Visit me online at where you can find out what I’m designing, sewing, quilting, and possible even pondering.

Sew OK’s second instructor is Carolyn Friedlander!

carolyn friedlander

Carolyn will be teaching the Social Tote, one of her patterns that she released this year.


social tote

About Carolyn:
Carolyn Friedlander is a quilt and fabric designer (with Robert Kaufman) working from her hometown of Lake Wales, Florida, an environment she enjoys for its warm weather, few distractions, and potent community of quilters and crafters. In her work, she draws inspiration from features of the Florida landscape—its long leaf pines, palmettos, water, scrub land, and sand—as well as her background in architecture. You can follow Carolyn and her work on her website ( and blog (

Like what you see? Registration opens January 2, 2014! Treat yo’ self!

3 thoughts on “INSTRUCTORS

  1. Three days of treat yo’ self – Donna and Tom would be proud! I’m finalizing details and hope to attend. Are the classes mandatory or can you just go and sew your brains out?

    1. Anna, We would love for you to join us! The classes are not mandatory. They are incorporated into the day but you are welcome to do your own thing!
      Thank you for your inquiry~
      Susannah Kate

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